Three Bad Jokes - 2020

Comical settings of bad jokes composed for The Arc Project: Digital edition in collaboration with soprano Darcy Thorpe

Solo voice

Chronos - 2020

An aleatoric work for flute inspired by the music of the shakuhachi.

Solo flute

In Tenebris - 2020

A setting of Thomas Hardy's poem of the same name, composed for The Arc Project's 'Songs on Thomas Hardy'

Soprano, bass and fixed media

To be recorded by Susie Duxbury and David Valsamidis


The night is darkening round me - 2020

Composed for Psappha's 'Composing for Sitar' scheme, focused on controlled improvisation.

Solo sitar

To be recorded by Jasdeep Singh Degun in Summer 2020


Gamebook - 2019

A non-linear work for the first concert of The Arc Project.  Composed in collaboration with harpist Ruth Lee.

Solo harp

Premiere by Ruth Lee for The Arc Project (October 19th 2019)

Evanescent - 2019

My first work for orchestra, based around a slowly degrading line.

Chamber Orchestra


No Fuss - 2019

An experimental work for a solo string instrument

Solo violin, viola or cello

Premiere by Rebecca Burden at AMOK #4

Redshift - 2019

A piece composed for Gamelan Sekar Petak for their annual concert in the Jack Lyons Concert Hall

Piano and Javanese Gamelan

Premiere by Gamelan Sekar Petak (May 15th 2019)


(I)dentity - 2019

An exploration of the use and effects of pronouns in the creation of unity and conflict

Flute, cello, percussion (small gong, tam-tam, vibraphone), fixed media

Premiere by the Chimera Ensemble (June 7th 2019)

Three Worlds - 2019

String quartet no. 1

String Quartet

Workshopped by Quatuor Diotima (November 20th 2018)

Fall, Leaves, Fall - 2018

A setting of the Emily Brontë poem for upper voice choir

SSAA choir

Smile, Smile, Smile - 2018

A setting of Wilfred Owen's poem of the same name for voice and large ensemble.

Alto flute (piccolo), clarinet in Bb, horn in F, percussion (tubular bells, tam-tam, bass drum, snare drum), piano, celesta, violin, cello

Premiere by the Chimera Ensemble (November 16th 2018)

Images for six instruments - 2018

Six small movements inspired by six 'images'.

Flute, bass clarinet, percussion (vibraphone, tam-tam, timpani, drum kit), piano, violin, cello

Premiere by the Chimera Ensemble (March 2nd 2018)

Would You Kindly - 2017

A duet for flute and guitar inspired by both Takemitsu's Towards the Sea and the video game Bioshock.

Flute and classical guitar

Premiere by the Chimera Ensemble (November 17th 2017)

Sleep now, O sleep now, O you unquiet heart! - 2016

A choral setting of poem 34 from James Joyce's Chamber Music poems.

SSATBB choir

Premiere by the York Composer Collective (February 27th 2017)

Pathos - 2015

The guitar duet that started my journey into serious composition.

Classical guitar duet

Premiere by Jake Adams and Peter Cain (April 20th 2016)

Jake Adams. Created with

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